Dear Client,

This is just a notification that we are fully back, all tickets have been reviewed and we have currently 0 tickets opened. We want to apologize for the slow support ticket reply times we have had this last couple months, an e-mail will be sent soon with more details about why this has happened, but we will sum it up in just a few lines:

  • Insane cPanel price increase: from $30-35/mo unlimited sites to $45/mo for just 100 sites ($0.20 each additional site, $20 each additional 100 sites) [We currently host +2,000 sites!]
  • +40 sites hacked, take down notices including fines and an alert from server provider to shut down the server. Having to suspend any site infected, some malicious sites were not recognised by any virus scanner. Viruses were used for pishing.
  • Acquisition of new virus scanner ($200 lifetime license PER ser)
  • Problems with billing on Paypal, changing Paypal account
  • Some members of the team left.

Unfortunately, all of this came at once and take down notices and legal advice took most of our time. ALL our issues are now gone, ticket reply time are back to normal [~12 hours average ticket resolution time]. We want to apologize for any inconvenience, we know having slow ticket replies can be stressful and nobody likes that, trust us when we say we have worked as fast as possible to fix all the issues and keep everything up to date, but we got to the point we had +500 tickets opened, sites getting infected, suspending them, cleaning them and on the mean time our provider calling us because there were risk of our server being taken down and then, payment issues and two members of our staff leaving due to overwork.

For those who despite been through all that are staying with us, THANK YOU. We would love to provide money back or credit, but it would not sustainable for our company and we cannot risk more issues. For those who left, thank you as well for choosing us as your company, we are sorry to have let you down and our doors will be forever opened to you. It is true 90% of the people who left were mostly new clients and most of our old clients are staying with us. For those who have just moved to another provider and would like to stay with us, we can provide a free month credit + the amount of money they have invested in their new company as credit.

As previously said, we will be more transparent and will provide more details about everything that we have been going through, we are happy everything is solved now!

Any issue our doubt, feel free to submit a ticket.

Again, sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Best Regards,


Thursday, March 12, 2020

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