New staff member + new features

  • 19th Április 2022
Dear client, To start with, as CEO of Host4Fans I would like to apologize for the delay in answering tickets these last couple of months. Due to the rise in the price of electricity, we had to make some adjustments in the staff so as not to increase our prices. During these weeks we have been making adjustments to continue providing quality and ...
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We are fully back!

  • 12th Március 2020
Dear Client, This is just a notification that we are fully back, all tickets have been reviewed and we have currently 0 tickets opened. We want to apologize for the slow support ticket reply times we have had this last couple months, an e-mail will be sent soon with more details about why this has happened, but we will sum it up in just a few ...
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New staff + current issues

  • 3rd Február 2020
Dear Customers, Our client area is back up, we want to apologize for the lack of updates and the problems with ticket reply times and all issues going on. We have hired a new staff which will start working tomorrow, we expect to have all tickets replies within 48 hours. The issue with e-mail on "Moon" may take up 72 additional hours (120 hours), ...
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Regarding DMCA and link back

  • 16th Április 2019
Due to some recent events, please, make sure you are linking your site to our DMCA page. We have been reached by another Fansite Hosting as they have received several take down notices from sites hosted with us as they are still linking their sites with this host DMCA page, please, make sure to check all your sites are linking to ours and not your ...
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